By | July 13, 2019

Article Marketing is an easy and effective way to promote and generate additional traffic to your website.

To begin in article marketing, all you need are some publishing skills or to employ someone who can write articles on your behalf. Select topics that pertain to your organization and write short, but useful informational articles that would benefit your target audience. They should not be a sales pitch for your organization. For example, if you have a website that sells content management software, you could write articles on the advantages of using a paid CMS compared to an open source CMS. Best practice is to have the articles between 400-600 words in length.

One approach to article marketing is using relevant long-tail, three to five word keyword phrases in your articles and submit them often, so the search engines can pick them up and rank them quickly. Since long-tail SEO keywords are slighlty less competitive than one to two word keyword phrases you may have an easier time getting your articles ranked fairly high in the search engine results.  Also, the title and first and last paragraph should incorporate the most important keywords pertaining to your article. In addition, if  your articles are well written you may also gain the interest of webmasters and ezine publishers. As a result, they may also want to publish your article for their readers which should generate additional traffic and backlinks to your website.

Now for the promotion part, the resource box. This handy little bio at the end of your article is where you are allowed to talk about yourself and your organization.  You should have one line about yourself as the author, a line or two about your organization and a link back to your website.

So, how does article marketing help you attract traffic to your site? anyone else looking for free content can come and copy your article, along with the resource box for use in other places on the Internet. Every time someone picks up your article on their website or blog or in an ezine, you are getting free publicity.

To take full advantage of article marketing you can submit your articles to free article directories like Ezine Articles and other similar websites. The conditions of use require them to include your name as author and your resource box in every single copy of the article they reprint. Published articles online will continue to produce backlinks and traffic to your website for years after they first appear online.

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